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Our 2020 Vision

We want everyone to have the chance to learn about our vision for care in 2020.

We developed our 2020 Vision in 2014, describing how we would meet our ambitions to be renowned as the best integrated care organisation in the NHS. During this year we will set out longer term ambitions, building on the outcomes delivered and the priorities developed in the integrated care partnerships.

Our 2020 Vision was developed for everyone involved in local care, from patients, carers, professionals, other organisations, members of staff, public members, volunteers, funders, suppliers, and students.

Depending on your area of interest or expertise you are likely to spend more time understanding our vision for certain areas but there is always a common thread which is what Our 2020 Vision set out to do.

It described what we wanted to achieve through patient stories and case studies, summarised what services would be like in five years’ time, what would be different, and what would stay the same. The strategy showed you the highlights, not every detail, but it made firm commitments to improvement.

Today, our goal remains - to become renowned as the best integrated care organisation in the NHS. That is a big ambition and we already have a strong track record and reputation for placing integrated care at the heart of what we do. We are not starting from scratch. Whether it is in our work to help patients and staff make healthy lifestyle choices, or in offering more locally accessible outpatient clinics in community centres and GP practices. The focus is now on this becoming the way we do things across every part of the Trust not just in some specialist areas.

This comes at a time when many care organisations are making a similar claim or stating a similar commitment. We know that in Sandwell and West Birmingham, patients experience integrated care on a daily basis. Our single measures of success will be the opinion of those we care for: Our patients.

We cannot achieve these plans alone. We have important partnerships in place with the voluntary sector, with our commissioners, with social care services, local schools, with GPs, dentists, optometrists, and pharmacies. We work with other hospitals, and expect to do that much more actively, especially across the Black Country, in coming years. We are deeply involved in educational excellence locally, and have high ambitions to develop research further at the Trust. We believe our plans fit well with those of other partners, especially those providing mental health care on which our work always depends. The 2020 Vision gives our partners clarity about our aims and ambitions.

Read Our 2020 Vision Strategy here.