Executive Recruitment

Our Care Promises

We have developed a set of care promises to reflect how we expect our staff to treat patients, visitors and each other.

The promises were developed by frontline staff who felt that even if we were providing excellent clinical care, we also need to provide great care, and that we were not always doing that in every area all the time.

During our recruitment process we ask future employees to demonstrate how they fulfill these values, whilst our workforce tell us during their appraisal how they met these promises during the year.

The nine care standards, or promises are:

  1. I will make you feel welcome
  2. I will make time to listen to you
  3. I will be polite, courteous and respectful
  4. I will keep you informed and explain what is happening
  5. I will admit to mistakes and do all I can to put them right
  6. I will value your point of view
  7. I will be caring and kind
  8. I will keep you involved
  9. I will go the extra mile